Training Zones

Training Zones

Training Zones

TradeWins is proud to offer a multi-sport training facility.

The Training Zone includes a 70’ x  30’ x 12’ caged in area designed for batting through a machine or live pitching, playing catch, modified soccer, modified lacrosse, throwing a football, swinging a golf club-pretty much just about anything.

Our cage has 2 tunnels both equipped with pitching machines,  and can be used for live pitching/hitting, playing catch, fielding drills, etc.  Fees are based on two tunnel rental or one tunnel rental.

Standard Rental Fees:

Two Tunnels:  $45 per hour, $25 per 1/2 hour

One Tunnel:   $25 per hour, $15 per 1/2 hour

We have multiple packages available, the best value would be 20 hours of time for $225 (time allocated per tunnel).

The Hockey Zone provides a 1200 square foot dryland training area with enough room for shooting, stick handling and goalie work.  See rules of the hockey zone. Fee is $10 per 1/2 hour.

Our smaller (1100 square foot) Sports Zone continues to be available for various training activities.  This area is great for stations, the younger athletes  or to work with the soft toss machine or off a tee, play catch or just run around.  The space is also ideal for fitness training.  Fee is $5 per 15 minutes.

Baseball/Softball Instruction

Reserve your desired Zone by clicking the select link below

After store hours rental available through advance reservations.  Call 651-464-2994

Booking Terms

To book both tunnels please book time in both cage 1 and cage 2.

Book time in  Cage 1

Book time in  Cage 2

Book time in the Hockey Zone

Book time in the Small Sports Zone


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