Trading Services

Trading Services

Trading your experienced items for cash or store credit is a breeze at TradeWins Sports. From baseball cleats to hockey skates, bring in those items outgrown or collecting dust and receive your choice of cash or store credit on same day or future purchases.

Purchase value of experienced items is dependent upon complete evaluation of each item’s condition. Your trade-in value is based upon industry standards, and prices may vary by sport. Just curious? Stop by and we’ll be happy to provide you with an evaluation.

There are a few items that we do not purchase or are currently not purchasing due to overstock or resale opportunity (list below).  Please call or email to confirm the trading option for your items.

No Purchase List

Downhill Skis & Equipment

Cross Country Skis & Equipment

Snowboards & Equipment

Water Skis

Wake Boards

Water Inflatables

Life Jackets

Clothes of Any Kind

Wood Tennis Racquets

Racquetball Racquets

Inflatable Balls

Metal Baseball Cleats

Metal/Detachable Football Cleats

Inline Skate/Skateboard Protective Pads

Football Helmets

Football Shoulder Pads


No Purchase Due to Current Overstock

Football Pants

Baseball Pants

Youth & Junior Size Hockey Shoulder Pads

Junior Size Hockey Pants/Breezers

Lacrosse Protective Pads

Lacrosse Sticks